We would gladly like to present our game project as the first group.



The game is a top-down 2D zombie shooter game with tower defence elements. It features:


– Day and night system;
– Not big, but explorable map;
– Item spawn and looting;
– Turret and light source placement system;
– Equipment;
– Personal firepower and ammunition with clip reloading system;
– Health system;
– Collision with objects;
– Two types of enemies who grow in strength;
– Enemies spawn at nights, so that you can explore and gather at day;
+ We made a few changes before exporting the project.

We could add more, though our environment program doesn’t allow us to add more without buying a license.
Sadly, it means our Survivor project has to end here…

It doesn’t mean we’re done though!


Wait for #TeamSandwich to release more games soon!
This time we plan on making a game in Unity3d environment using JavaScript and/or C#!

We hope you’ll enjoy it, click here to play The Survivor online:

The Survivor

(Here would be a direct download for a desktop version
if we had the license 🙁 )

We’re waiting for your feedback!