Humans and elves have always lived in peace, they worked with each other and lived in the same cities. It has changed with the orc raid, their strength was large enough to beat the Old kingdoms… The elves left the people, and hidden in the woods, they became wild forest elves. There were clumsy among people who were killing each other… Some were trying to oppose the orcs, but they weren’t strong enough to deal with them. They were caught by orcs and passed to heavy work in mines, all insubordination was rewarded with a severe flogging. People living in the caves for years slowly got used to living in the dark. Everything changes with the accidental killing of an orc by a young man… Our project is a 2d RPG game that features:




Treasure chests

And even more !

If you would like to to check out our game You can download it TheLostStory_Release !   He highly recommend you playing on Windows 7. There are some issues with compatibility on other systems which we will try to eliminate in the future. If you find any bug please leave a comment.