Hello! #TeamSandwich is here again!

We’ve stood up to the challenge from you! We came up with this:

Leaderboard with some scores on the upper side,
Game view on the bottom side.

This is Space Charger,
a Shoot’em up, 2d, arcade-ish styled, online game, that features:

– Couple of sounds and a background music;
– A graphical layout with very pretty Enemy models (shoutout to my sister!  😀 );
– Entertaining and addictive gameplay;
– Online Leaderboard! (Big thanks to my friend, Dawid, for helping. It was a pretty long way through
but it was worth it);
– Mobile and PC controls for more versatility;
– Electronics Theme;
Do you want to ask how is it themed?
Well, the electronics, which are your enemies want to steal away your battery.
You can give some of your battery to them to make them happy and let them go away…BUT!
Beware! They aren’t patient.. They will try to harm you, unless they see you’re running out of the battery.
(The alternative description – They are your enemies. And you want to destroy them. Avoid their shots,
avoid them, and don’t let them go past you.)

We’re sure you’ll spend some time thinking about a new tactic on the game,
or trying to beat another player’s score in the leaderboard in order to be first.

In that case, we can only wish you good luck and have fun!

The game itself

As always, we’re looking forward for your response about bugs and your impressions;