We take Phil’s comment on the EYA 2016 as an encouragement to present some apps from previous contests. Our BEST vote goes for PRETTY STREETS.

In an unknown city, or simply in a new area, you might already have wondered: ‘where are the pretty spots? PRETTY STREETS calculates the best itineraries for city explorers on the look-out for beautiful walks. It provides  a map of the most beautiful areas in cities, as well as a  route planner which optimizes your itinerary to suggest not the shortest, but the most enjoyable path to your destination. The app gives you the keys to unlock the city’s best-kept secrets. Several options are available to you: you can use the highlighted map for orientation, or you can ask the app for a full itinerary. Just indicate how much time you have: the itinerary adjusts itself.

App available on iOS and Android.