Industrial Pi (3D Print)

IndustrialPi by WavemakerChris

I was recently asked by the guys at Wavemaker ( to help out with an unusual project based around the Raspberry Pi. The project involved creating a configuration which would take an image of a clay book and turn it into some sort of soundscape. I came across something called OpenCV for the Pi which is coded in Python-2 and can be used for object-recognition. I had intended to use it with Sonic-Pi however my research suggested this would only work with Python-3 so instead I found a nice simple Python-2 general-midi synth package called Fluid-Synth which worked great.

We also really needed something to hold the hardware in place which led me to develop a custom 3D-printed case which I refer to as my ‘Industrial Pi’. The basic design is similar to the coupe cases available on the internet but I wanted more versatility. The base has a section which allows it to be mounted onto a Lego board and it also has some holes which can be used to fix it to a tripod.

The case lid is also less sturdy than I would like so future remakes will involve making this a bit thicker. I still like that the lid is held on tightly by three bolts or screws and one of these also holds the camera mount in place. I had anticipated this would allow the case to be fixed to a post or piece of board before I had the idea of the lego/tripod mounting base. The camera mount needed the flexibility to view at least 90 degrees (straight across to vertically down) as we would need to calibrate each camera individually. The STL files for the design can be found here

It’s still a work in progress as time was tight and during the event we discovered a structural weakness in the latest version of the base. We made it through six events with only a couple of additional bases though which is an achievement given the number of youngsters who handled the Pi systems.


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21st November 2017

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